When we launched our 2Ku satellite Wi-Fi service, the technology introduced a whole array of new features for our customers. These features include faster speeds, global coverage and the ability to access streaming video services.

In addition to these, one other feature that makes 2Ku such a fantastic product is the ability to offer gate-to-gate connectivity.

Gate-to-gate connectivity allows passengers to be connected from the moment they get on the plane till the moment the plane reaches the gate at their destination airport. Because the 2Ku system uses satellites to connect to the Internet, it doesn’t rely on the ground based network used by our legacy air-to-ground system, and can therefore stay connected at any altitude.

Gate-to-gate connectivity means you can start streaming a movie while waiting to take-off and that you’ll be able to continue watching till the moment the seatbelt sign is turned off at your destination.

We’re happy to offer this enhancement for 2Ku equipped aircraft, but the availability depends on the airline, and not all countries have the regulatory approvals required to offer gate-to-gate service.

As always, please check the seat back safety card provided by your airline, and adhere to their safety regulations regarding portable device usage as rules vary between airlines and countries.

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