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Infographic: Gogo Marks 5th Anniversary of Commercial Aviation Connectivity Service

Five years ago, Gogo revolutionized the in-flight experience by offering an Air-To-Ground, cellular based network that enabled passengers to connect to the Internet above 30,000 feet and traveling at speeds in excess of 500 miles-per-hour.  Today, more than a million passengers a month use the service to stay connected in-flight. Gogo’s connectivity service can now be found on nearly 2,000 commercial aircraft over nine major airline partners.  More than 7,000 commercial flights each day are connected using Gogo’s service.

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Product review: Bose QuietComfort 20 Noise Canceling Headphones

In today’s blog post, we’ll cover something all frequent fliers can use (besides Gogo of course) – peace and quiet. For years, Bose has ruled the skies, and if you look up the aisle of your average business route plane, you’ll see plenty of passengers wearing the larger on-ear Bose QuietComfort headphones. They are not cheap, but not much else performs as well as these noise canceling headphones. Today, we’ll look at the newest from the Bose labs – the QuietComfort 20 headphones.  Continue reading

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Seven Travel Tips From A Sassy Stewardess

Today’s air travel is enough to make you find a secluded bathroom stall in the terminal where you can quietly hang yourself with your own belt. In order to prevent devastated family members and PTSD for the custodian discovering your body, I have decided out of respect for the flying public to provide you with a few insider travel tips.

1. Pack a lunch from home, or purchase food in the terminal prior to boarding. The majority of domestic routes will not be serving meals inflight. Moreover, if they do, it will probably be a miniature bag of cookies or potato chips that you will need to purchase. Luckily many airports offer numerous healthy options to choose from including fresh fruits, yogurt, veggie platters, wraps, hummus, salads, gourmet sandwiches, and even sushi. Also, if you would like a “free” snack or $7 cocktail during your flight, you’ll probably need to book a $3000 first class ticket.

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Gogo Connected Summer Giveaway

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Gogo, Engadget + Gdgt LIVE in NYC

Last month, I joined hundreds of tech and gaming fans for Engadget + Gdgt LIVE in NYC. Engadget + Gdgt Live is the only nation-wide tech event series that connects thousands of real people with the top brands in technology. During the event, held in SoHo we kicked it in mobile lounges packed with the latest tech from from Samsung, Monster, Gogo and more!

Throughout the evening Monster hosted demos highlighting their new durable EA Sports headphones for gamers with Brand Ambassador Tyson Beckford inside of the Monster lounge. The Samsung mobile lounge hosted a variety of activities from the S Beam social bar to demonstrating animated photo features of the new Galaxy S4 smartphone. Gogo welcomed guests to a 30,000ft experience within their lounge area where guests lounged in the ultra luxe Gogo in flight seats, played games for cool prizes and even took home prints of their Instragrammed experiences. Check out the evening of Engadget + Gdgt LIVE fun with Gogo below.

 Byline: Christen Rochon is the Editor & Publisher of DivasandDorks.com, DivasDriveInHeels.com and DivasOnDestinations.com – each with focus on technology, automobiles and travel for multicultural women. Based in NYC, Christen is a former advertising executive in broadcast media that now tours around the world in search for unique experiences that enhance living life to the fullest.

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The Best Websites for Getting a Great Airfare Deal

Airfare rates have been increasing, but consumers now have much better tools at their disposal for comparing prices and deciding when to purchase their airfare. With so many websites out there, it can be difficult to know which ones are worth using. These websites listed below can be great tools in helping you get a great price on your next flight – so you’ll have more to spend on your vacation! Remember that Southwest Airlines flights are generally not represented in these websites. Also, be sure to consider incidentals like bag fees and seat assignment fees when comparing prices.


In 2008, Microsoft purchased the small startup Farecast.com, and rebranded it as Bing Travel. It’s a great way to search airfares, but also offers fare predictions that can help you decide whether you should purchase your airfare right away, or wait.

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7 Great Photo Apps for Travelers

In a day and age where nearly everyone owns (and travels with) a smartphone of some sort, “iPhonography” has begun growing in popularity. Why carry an extra camera around when you already have one built-in on your phone?

Here are a handful of great photo apps for the traveler who likes to bring home plenty of digital memories:

Taking Photos



This camera app is my absolute go-to whether I’m taking photos of landscapes, food, city scenes, or people on my travels (or even in my everyday life). The app has editing tools and filters built in, and you can share photos directly from the app or save them to your phone’s photo album for later sharing. The “clarity” tool in the editing options is my absolute favorite – it usually gives a photo the perfect boost in color, tone, lighting, and sharpness.

I take/edit my photos in this app, and then usually upload them to Instagram and/or Facebook later.

Available for: iPhone ($1.99)

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How Technology Has Changed My World

As I write this blog post, I am cruising.

Not cruising on a boat or in a car, though – I’m cruising along in an airplane at 36,000 feet, on my laptop and connected to the Gogo wireless Internet. I can check my e-mail, keep an eye on my Twitter feed, search for a hotel room for tonight, and even stream video from YouTube while soaring above the clouds.

Virgin America/GoGo Inaugural Wi-Fi Flight

Photo by GlennFleishman, on Flickr

100 years ago, the thought of this would be absurd.

In fact, 100 years ago, the thought of cross-country air travel in general would have been nothing more than a nice fantasy – commercial flights weren’t even introduced until after WWII.

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