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Meet Jennifer Sesay, Program Manager- Gogo Business Aviation’s April High Flyer!

Gogo is home to a fast paced, challenging, and rewarding group of people, making inflight internet and entertainment easily accessible for all aircraft types and its flyers. But you can’t make a company revolutionary without having awesome people behind the scenes. Find out more about who’s redefining the way you fly! Ready to make a difference on a daily basis yet? Check out our current jobs openings on our Careers page.

How long have you been at Gogo and what do you do?
I have been working at Gogo for under a year as a Program Manager.

How did you get into Program Management?
As a natural born planner and organizer, program management is an ideal fit. I started in project engineering, when I was asked to lead a graphic server development project at Rockwell Collins over 10 years ago. I really enjoyed the experience. I love working with cross-functional teams to develop concept ideas and see them through to actual programs.

What do you love about your job?
Gogo has some very talented people, from my leaders to my peers and colleagues. We are a tight-knit team.

FROM MARK SANDER, VICE PRESIDENT, OEM SALES: “Jenn is awesome to work with! One thing that stood out quickly is her ability to make things happen and her ‘can do’ attitude. I am inspired by people like Jenn who are not afraid to take on the big tasks, yet they are also not beneath the small ones. As we serve our customers, both internal and external, Jenn understands her impact on our commitments. Since joining Gogo, she has repeatedly demonstrated her expertise in business aviation and her willingness to take on challenges to help her teammates and our customers.”  

What is the best career advice you have been given?
Devote energy and time to your family. In 20 years, you might be CEO of the company, but if no one is there to enjoy it with you, then it will be all in vain.

Why did you pick Gogo over another company?
I really wanted the free wireless internet when I traveled! In all seriousness, I wanted to work at a company where I could leverage my past aviation expertise, while also expanding my program management skills. Gogo has been a great fit to fulfill my goals.

What is your favorite Gogo perk?
Flexibility! Our culture allows me the flexibility I need as a working mom to take time for doctor’s appointments or to take care of a sick baby.

Favorite things about Colorado?
The mountains! When you have lived in Texas for about three years, seeing something on the horizon other than a mirage is quite nice.

How do you find a balance between work and home?
I try to keep to a schedule. I make time for work as well as time for family.

What is an interesting or unknown fact about yourself most people don’t know?
I speak three languages – Krio, English and French. Although these days my French is getting a bit rusty.

What is a challenge in your work you have had to overcome to reach success?
I would say the ability to influence up, down and across the organization to achieve business results. I work with many individuals from different functional groups. This is a constant challenge but also an opportunity to be an influencer to achieve goals successfully.

What is one thing you remember from your interview with Gogo?
I really enjoyed the tour I got from Christelle. It was an authentic approach to learn about Gogo, see the environment, observe the culture and meet various employees along the way.


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