Announcing Glympse location sharing on Gogo flights

We’re very happy to announce our partnership with location sharing company Glympse. Glympse has been a leading location sharing app for many years, and by adding their service to Gogo, they are now also the leading in-air location sharing service.

Location sharing is simple – your phone knows where you are, which means you can share that location with a select group of people. One of the biggest advantages of Glympse, is that it does not require you to sign up for an account, and the app is entirely free to use.

With Glympse on your phone, you can send your location to contacts by email, SMS, Twitter or Facebook. The message can go to just one person, a larger group, or even to the public using social media – you are always in control of who gets to see your location, for how long they get to follow you, and there is always an option to instantly stop sharing.

Location sharing in-air is a little different, as you usually can’t receive GPS signals while on a plane. To help overcome this, Glympse and Gogo developed technology that allows us to track your flight, and send that information to your Glympse recipients.

Using the app is extremely simple – the first step is of course to install Glympse. The in-air enabled version is available for iOS and Android.

To send a Glympse from the plane, you do not need a paid Gogo session, and the process is as simple as connecting to the Gogo SSID, opening the app, and selecting who you want to send your Glympse to. The app is “location aware”, which means it automatically knows you are on a Gogo equipped flight. ┬áThe recipient (on the ground, or another Gogo flight) will receive your Glympse, along with your flight information.

Better yet, you do not need to keep the app open to allow the recipient to track you. This is perfect if you want to let friends, family or even a cab driver know when you’ll arrive at the airport.

So, next time you are on a Gogo equipped flight, make sure to download Glympse before take off, and send a Glympse to someone. You’ll see just how easy it is to use, and chances are the recipient of your Glympse will really appreciate the ability to track your plane. Happy travels!


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