Gogo and Tagstand promote RFID technology at APEX EXPO 2012

Gogo recently attended the yearly Airline Passenger Experience Expo in Long Beach, CA. This event showcases the latest in airline passenger amenities, with everything from the latest headphones to wireless inflight entertainment systems (like our own Gogo Vision product).

Each year, we give away promotional items to the thousands of visitors attending the event. In recent years, we simply handed out these items to anyone interested, but this year, we decided to spice things up a little. Several weeks before the event, we reached out to RFID experts Tagstand to help develop a mobile app and specially programmed NFC (Near Field Communications) tags.

These tags were printed on Gogo “boarding passes” which were handed out at a lunch event (sponsored by Gogo).

Visitors were invited to come to the Gogo booth where their pass would be scanned. At our booth, we used a Google Nexus 7 tablet (which comes with NFC built in). With a simple swipe of the boarding pass, the tablet would display a picture of the prize!  Thanks to the larger NFC tags provided by Tagstand, we were able to read the tag from several inches away.

While the concept of RFID is certainly not new, it was the first time we’d ever seen it in use at an event to manage a giveaway, and it definitely got a lot of attention from visitors to our booth. The promotion was a huge success, and we’ll definitely be using it at future events.

Many thanks to Tagstand for developing the custom app and delivering the RFID tags in record speed.

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