Statement on Gogo Pricing

We’ve recently received a few questions from customers about the price we charge to use Gogo when you fly, and I want to take some time to answer some of those questions.

As we have done throughout our four years of existence in commercial aviation, we continue to regularly test new products and new prices.  Our goal here is to ensure we are offering passengers a variety of choices to meet their particular connectivity needs while also assuring that pricing is reflective of demand, so our network performs the best it can on each flight.  These price tests can vary from one flight to the next, but are very limited in scope.

You will start to see more time-based pricing, rather than purely segment-based products from us.  Through our experience, we’ve found that not everyone wants to pay for connectivity on their entire flight, so the existence of less expensive time-based passes allows more customers to use Gogo at a more approachable price.  We continue to offer passengers the ability to pre-purchase passes before they fly at and through some of our airline partners’ websites. We’ll continue to enhance those distribution options.

As many Gogo users know, bandwidth to the plane is limited and it is a shared resource.  We continue to work on improving our technology and connectivity services and are excited about developments in this area.  By the end of this year, we will more widely launch our next generation ATG-4 technology that will increase the capacity of our network.  That additional capacity will allow more passengers to access the system with a more consistent browsing experience.  So far, we are in the process of installing ATG-4 on a handful of aircraft across three airlines and we will continue that effort throughout 2013.

Your business is important to us and your feedback matters.  So please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our 24/7 customer care department, our various social media channels, or chat with us online during your flight.

Ash ElDifrawi
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

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5 thoughts on “Statement on Gogo Pricing

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  2. Your pricing is getting way too expensive and your service is very slow. Yesterday flying from San Francisco to Charlotte I was charge $20 for 2 hours plus one free hour. On the flight out to San Francisco from Philadelphia (a longer flight) the price for the same deal was $12. Prior to that three successive weeks for cross country flights started at $9.95, then the next week it was $12.95 and the third week $14.95. This was for unlimited access. I will not continue to use your service if it continues to be over 12 dollars or so. $20 for three hours is too high and the flight was almost 5 hours long. Have you reviewed Southwest’s pricing? I wonder how they do it with faster service for $5 regardless of flight duration. I am fine with 10 bucks or so but this moving all over is not winning me over. I fly every week and expect some consistency and loyalty from my partners. I fly alot and I have not talked to anyone who agrees with the current pricing model you are using especially the constant changes to see how much you can gouge for. I apologize for the directness but you need to think about long term customer loyalty and less about your immediate bottom line.

  3. I agree with the other Richard. Having pricing change from day to day and week to week and the only change is up is annoying and not a way to keep customers. I refuse to pay over 9.95 on a flight and will download books and music to entertain me instead.

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