Gogo’s Sassy Flight 001 Instagram GIVEAWAY!

Look, let’s not beat around the ‘air travel can sometimes be a bummer’ bush. It happens. However as prudent, awesome travelers who read blogs like Gogo – we deal.

Nonetheless, when you get down to aircraft-grade aluminum tacks – the miracle of flight is bloody amazing. And that’s no hyperbole – not even from me.

Chilling out and Facebooking at 35,000 feet whilst hurling through the air at 500 mph truly is amazing. Occasionally there are the days we draw the universe’s short end of the stick, but as seasoned road warriors we pride ourselves in accepting these challenge in stride, and may even utilize the opportunity to make things suck a lot less.

If you are of the glass half-full ilk and enjoy free things, read on. Gogo Inflight Internet, Flight001(F1) and The Sassy Stew (moi!) are going to make it all better. Trust. This post is full o’ stellar travel swag – and one lucky fan will win it all – including a Chromebook Laptop complete with 12 GOGO INTERNET SESSIONS!

*NOTE: You can click ALL photos to enlarge them and view their full awesomeness*

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10 Ways To Be An Awesome Airline Passenger

Want to be an awesome airline passenger and have the flight attendants fawning all over your awesomeness? Discover your inner Up In The Air by following my awesome tips.

1. Acknowledge the crew’s existence.

When you board the aircraft and a smiling flight attendant kindly greets you, reciprocating the pleasantry is all it takes to start your trip off on an awesome foot. While I’m aware that this sounds incredibly rudimentary and a matter of basic manners, it isn’t uncommon for passengers to completely ignore the crew during boarding. We truly make an effort to ensure that you feel welcomed and sincerely want you to enjoy the flight. When we say “Hello”, “Welcome aboard” or the like, and get zilch in return – it gets old. Quickly. Sometimes it can even make my head want to spontaneously explode.

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Seven Travel Tips From A Sassy Stewardess

Today’s air travel is enough to make you find a secluded bathroom stall in the terminal where you can quietly hang yourself with your own belt. In order to prevent devastated family members and PTSD for the custodian discovering your body, I have decided out of respect for the flying public to provide you with a few insider travel tips.

1. Pack a lunch from home, or purchase food in the terminal prior to boarding. The majority of domestic routes will not be serving meals inflight. Moreover, if they do, it will probably be a miniature bag of cookies or potato chips that you will need to purchase. Luckily many airports offer numerous healthy options to choose from including fresh fruits, yogurt, veggie platters, wraps, hummus, salads, gourmet sandwiches, and even sushi. Also, if you would like a “free” snack or $7 cocktail during your flight, you’ll probably need to book a $3000 first class ticket.

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7 Great Photo Apps for Travelers

In a day and age where nearly everyone owns (and travels with) a smartphone of some sort, “iPhonography” has begun growing in popularity. Why carry an extra camera around when you already have one built-in on your phone?

Here are a handful of great photo apps for the traveler who likes to bring home plenty of digital memories:

Taking Photos



This camera app is my absolute go-to whether I’m taking photos of landscapes, food, city scenes, or people on my travels (or even in my everyday life). The app has editing tools and filters built in, and you can share photos directly from the app or save them to your phone’s photo album for later sharing. The “clarity” tool in the editing options is my absolute favorite – it usually gives a photo the perfect boost in color, tone, lighting, and sharpness.

I take/edit my photos in this app, and then usually upload them to Instagram and/or Facebook later.

Available for: iPhone ($1.99)

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How Technology Has Changed My World

As I write this blog post, I am cruising.

Not cruising on a boat or in a car, though – I’m cruising along in an airplane at 36,000 feet, on my laptop and connected to the Gogo wireless Internet. I can check my e-mail, keep an eye on my Twitter feed, search for a hotel room for tonight, and even stream video from YouTube while soaring above the clouds.

Virgin America/GoGo Inaugural Wi-Fi Flight

Photo by GlennFleishman, on Flickr

100 years ago, the thought of this would be absurd.

In fact, 100 years ago, the thought of cross-country air travel in general would have been nothing more than a nice fantasy – commercial flights weren’t even introduced until after WWII.

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5 Travel Packing Essentials for Women

It’s become a running joke in my family that my grandmother is continually astounded by how light I pack when I travel. This is the grandma who packs a whole pickup truck bed to go to Florida for a month, and whose purse we nicknamed “the Mary Poppins bag” when we were kids. Because, as she says, “You never know what you might need!”

Well, the more I travel, the closer I have come to predicting exactly what I’ll need (and what I won’t) when traveling. I’ve visited the Arctic with just a small rolling bag, and have packed for months of traveling around Europe in just a backpack.

Iceland Gear

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Gogo and Tagstand promote RFID technology at APEX EXPO 2012

Gogo recently attended the yearly Airline Passenger Experience Expo in Long Beach, CA. This event showcases the latest in airline passenger amenities, with everything from the latest headphones to wireless inflight entertainment systems (like our own Gogo Vision product).

Each year, we give away promotional items to the thousands of visitors attending the event. In recent years, we simply handed out these items to anyone interested, but this year, we decided to spice things up a little. Several weeks before the event, we reached out to RFID experts Tagstand to help develop a mobile app and specially programmed NFC (Near Field Communications) tags.

These tags were printed on Gogo “boarding passes” which were handed out at a lunch event (sponsored by Gogo).

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Come visit Gogo at TBEX in Keystone, Colorado!

Calling all travel writers! Gogo will once again be attending the yearly TBEX meeting as a gold sponsor. This year, we’re in Keystone, Colorado. TBEX is the world’s largest gathering of travel writers and a definite “must visit” for anyone who covers the travel world.

At our booth, we’ll be demonstrating our in-air portal, showing off some of the equipment that makes the Internet work at 36,000 feet and discussing how we can help travel writers get more done when they are on the road.

If you are in Keystone for TBEX, be sure to stop by and have a chat!

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