Join Gogo and Keith’s BBQ in Austin for the world’s first ever in-air food truck!

South by Southwest is traditionally a popular place for food trucks – but Gogo wouldn’t be Gogo without taking things to the extreme. We’re turning our business jet (GogoOne) into a BBQ food truck. Of course, the jet has all the latest Gogo technology – along with some of the best BBQ found in Austin from our new best friends at Keith’s BBQ.

We’ve already booked a lot of the seats on the jet, but we’ve left some open for a Gogo fan who happens to be in Austin (or who can make their way there for this flight). The lucky winner will take a flight up with us on GogoOne, see SXSW from a whole new level, all while enjoying ribs, brisket, chicken and more. We’ll also hook you up with an amazing Gogo gift bag, and some other surprises!

To enter, we need you to follow us on Twitter (@gogo and @gogocco), and send out a Tweet containing hashtag #gogobbq10k. After sending your Tweet, sit back and relax. Multiple tweets will not increase your chance of winning.

You need to be 21 or older to fly along with us, and you’ll need to bring a valid picture ID. We have one seat on Friday March 7 and one on Saturday March 8. We’ll arrange a ride (in style) for you from Austin to the airport and back.


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Product review: La Fresh single use travel toiletries

Ever since the new TSA rules were implemented well over a decade ago, traveling with toiletries and beauty products has been a bit of a challenge. Sure, we are (mostly) all used to the 3-1-1 rule, and most of us probably have a large collection of approved Ziploc bags at home, but there are still times when you have more to carry than you can fit in a “baggie”.

For years, I’ve traveled with a selection of single use travel products from La Fresh. These towelettes and other products are brilliant – mainly because they don’t contain enough liquid to be considered a threat by the TSA. This means of course that you can leave them in your bag in pretty much any amount you want. I carry these in addition to my regular products, and use them in emergencies or when I need to carry something that I can’t fit in my 3-1-1 bag.

By far the best part of the lineup from La Fresh is the assortment of various products. While most of us are probably used to hand and lens cleaner wipes, La Fresh goes way beyond this –  Insect repellent, shoe shine wipes, deodorant, nail polish remover and even wipes for your pet!

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Product review: Anker 40 Watt 5 port charger

Remember when your phone battery would last a whole week? And do you remember when the only charger you had to carry was for your laptop? Times have certainly changed, and the average family gadget bundle usually includes several phones, tablets, gaming consoles, Bluetooth headsets and more. To keep this all powered is an ongoing battle, because the one thing that has not evolved in recent years is battery life.

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Gogo’s Sassy Flight 001 Instagram GIVEAWAY!

Look, let’s not beat around the ‘air travel can sometimes be a bummer’ bush. It happens. However as prudent, awesome travelers who read blogs like Gogo – we deal.

Nonetheless, when you get down to aircraft-grade aluminum tacks – the miracle of flight is bloody amazing. And that’s no hyperbole – not even from me.

Chilling out and Facebooking at 35,000 feet whilst hurling through the air at 500 mph truly is amazing. Occasionally there are the days we draw the universe’s short end of the stick, but as seasoned road warriors we pride ourselves in accepting these challenge in stride, and may even utilize the opportunity to make things suck a lot less.

If you are of the glass half-full ilk and enjoy free things, read on. Gogo Inflight Internet, Flight001(F1) and The Sassy Stew (moi!) are going to make it all better. Trust. This post is full o’ stellar travel swag – and one lucky fan will win it all – including a Chromebook Laptop complete with 12 GOGO INTERNET SESSIONS!

*NOTE: You can click ALL photos to enlarge them and view their full awesomeness*

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How to get live results from the big game this weekend on your flight!

If you are flying this Sunday, chances are you are going to want to stay up to date with real-time scores from the big game taking place in New Jersey. Due to the nature of in-flight Wi-Fi, we are unable to provide streaming video services.

Because of this, we’ve collected some great real-time resources that will keep you up to date, without having to rely on streaming video services.

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Announcing Glympse location sharing on Gogo flights

We’re very happy to announce our partnership with location sharing company Glympse. Glympse has been a leading location sharing app for many years, and by adding their service to Gogo, they are now also the leading in-air location sharing service.

Location sharing is simple – your phone knows where you are, which means you can share that location with a select group of people. One of the biggest advantages of Glympse, is that it does not require you to sign up for an account, and the app is entirely free to use.

With Glympse on your phone, you can send your location to contacts by email, SMS, Twitter or Facebook. The message can go to just one person, a larger group, or even to the public using social media – you are always in control of who gets to see your location, for how long they get to follow you, and there is always an option to instantly stop sharing.

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10 Ways To Be An Awesome Airline Passenger

Want to be an awesome airline passenger and have the flight attendants fawning all over your awesomeness? Discover your inner Up In The Air by following my awesome tips.

1. Acknowledge the crew’s existence.

When you board the aircraft and a smiling flight attendant kindly greets you, reciprocating the pleasantry is all it takes to start your trip off on an awesome foot. While I’m aware that this sounds incredibly rudimentary and a matter of basic manners, it isn’t uncommon for passengers to completely ignore the crew during boarding. We truly make an effort to ensure that you feel welcomed and sincerely want you to enjoy the flight. When we say “Hello”, “Welcome aboard” or the like, and get zilch in return – it gets old. Quickly. Sometimes it can even make my head want to spontaneously explode.

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Gogo Partners with Allstate to Offer 30 Minutes of Free In-flight Internet Access on Smartphones During Weekend Flights

ITASCA, IL. – Sept. 20, 2013 – Gogo (NASDAQ: GOGO), the world leader of in-flight connectivity and a pioneer in wireless in-flight digital entertainment solutions, is partnering with Allstate to offer passengers 30 minutes of free in-flight Internet access on their smartphones during weekend flights.

“We are extremely excited to work with Allstate to offer benefits to all Gogo in-flight Internet users who fly during the weekend,” said Ash ElDifrawi, Gogo’s chief commercial officer.  “This partnership with Allstate is a great example of the ways in which Gogo is working with leading brands to reach a highly connected audience while they are in the air.”

“The partnership with Gogo provides another opportunity for Allstate to be a part of the good in people’s lives,” said Bob Wasserman, senior vice president, e-Business Marketing, Allstate Insurance Company.  “Connecting with friends and family while in the air allows Allstate to bring the Good Life to customers and non-customers alike.”

Starting September 21, the free 30 minute sessions will be available to passengers on all Gogo equipped flights with the exception of Gogo equipped Air Canada aircraft.

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